Monday, June 25, 2012

new pages journal two

Practicing Ilustrating

leaf Backgrounding

Backgrounds waiting for a picture

New Pages Journal 1

doodling in class helps me learn

Wakari snow day Canada (Rookie Blue)

comfort places

Sad Bear Small girl

Honesty seeds wax crayons and paint

Paint watercolour and stamp

backgrounding with white leaves

travel journal

On a plane to parachute I drew to help with the Airsickness

the Mustard tree I made glitter tree on the wall with a nest and people came and added leaves

background might turn it into dandelions

Stuart Briscoes talk

Love many trust few always paddle your own Canoe

Broad Bay Church

Yellow Birds Emperor Penguins

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

new pages

I have had my nose down in my pages and learning what it means to be a Nurse. I havnt attended to my blog in ages..over next few days I shall do some photography and post some pages.