Monday, March 18, 2013


I havnt checked out who is teaching but this is the what I did when I first started Journaling. It was great to be in a supportive group with a whole lot of ideas and encouragement floating around. I made some good on-line friends and continued studying with them in other on-line spaces. There is generally a good choice of things to do. Great for the winter months and kids for those days when you're stuck for ideas. Some of you out there have creative kids and will be stuck in a caravan while your house is being demolished (you know who Im talking about)
Not all the workshops will appeal but I recommend it if you are keen on learning some new skills and being part of an enthusiastic group ( participation is not mandatory you can just be a stalker if you wish)

march pages 2013

Bright eyes


Blood Transfusion

broken wings and ink stains

coffee grounds

House, Conifer and dark path

Playing with coffee and ink
two toucans watching tv