Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stitch piece

I think this piece below is nearly finished, I may do some more detail down the bottom. Its been fun. reminded me how much I like thread. Really just drawing again with different materials, which is what I like but still a different way of thinking. The bubbles piece..not sure whether its finished will wait until I get back form Holiday. Off to Aussie for some beach and sun with my fine man.Yahoo.
I have a new journal to start and am sorting out materials to take today. How to be well equipped yet travel light.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Blanket and stitch

I started this stitch piece in response to an IDT drawing I did for myself around anxiety. I have so enjoying puddling with a piece of thick blanket. I am still quietly working away on my other piece, very satisfying having some hand work on the go

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cat/Monkey Love

I dropped into my friend Lynns yesterday and told her what I was doing and she said she would love to make one. So today we sat in her living room and made two monkeys. Don't you just feel so pleased to friends like that in your life?
Every time I make these wee guys I get a thrill, I love them. Now Lynn is one of these super talented people who can turn her clever hands to anything. I so enjoyed her monkey 'becoming'. It is quirky and stripy and patched with attention to detail. Her cat (Beau) as you can see was taken with the monkeys and adopted my one I bought around to show and tell. So after that we set him up with our finished monkeys. I have to use the word 'adorable' which is not usually in my vocab, BUT if you were there you would agree. I just wanted to keep taking pictures. I was so pleased to complete this as I had committed and time was getting tight. My Monkey is in the style of my previous monkeys..thick socks a bit rough around the edges and a few crooked bits..I am fond of him already.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Pages 2012

A mixture of journal and illustrative pages. Play and therapeutic. Some not finished, They are just sitting having a a breather.
Colouring in..Gesso underneath water colour crayons on top

Water colour crayons

acrylic and crayon

plan for a painting for a friend watercolour crayon

doodles ink and crayon


acrylic paint and crayon

acrylic and crayon

I drew this when I was working at Emergency Psychiatric Services earlier in the year. crayon brown paper off the newspaper that is delivered.

ink ad crayon little blue rabbit

Doodled in Church..My sister does the music and one of her compositions  elicited pictures in my mind of all these little critters lifting thier voices too.

Again E.P.S this was a painting by someone who was at Art School teaching when I was there Jim Cooper so I drew Jim.Crayon
My Dogs alter ego.He is a wheaten cairn terrier,but at night when he hunts Possums he is a fierce blue spotted creature with a purposeful tail..ha!
These few pages are a start in a faith Journal I am making as part of 6 degrees I posted some earlier background pages. These are some completed ones and the bottom one is still in process.

All Acrylic, collage, pencil and water-colour crayon.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Underbelly stitch work

Thought I had better photograph the underneath before it all disappears. Background first then some more overlaying of thread and fabric maybe glue and paint and maybe glitter - ooohhh :-D and definitely some flocking.
Glad thimbles were invented.

My favourite so far is re-remembering couching. Drawing with thread.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stitch therapy 6 degrees

For me the point of this workshop is to engage with cloth paint and stitch in a free way. And remember how good it is to use a needle and thread to create. Kelly suggests mixing it up a little if you feel like it..push through a few boundaries and use some mixed media, including found objects recycled etc.
Kelly Darke

I have started this workshop a few times and stopped. I have been completely over thinking it and missing the point really. I majored in textiles at Art school and went back back to a place of complex and conceptual..and ever so slightly result driven.So to break myself out of this and just appreciate the action of thread and needle, I chose a place of comfort.T he sock monkey. I made 10 of these last christmas for my family members during the last 6degrees but never made one for myself. So here the monkey is. And I love him. He is a solid comfort. I had fun with the stitch..tartan backside (my family tartan) and a shepards singlet which I wear all the time in my outdoor studio to keep warm. I have now started my other piece :-)
Beautiful face makes me smile each time I look at him

I am loving this part..I like the texture and stitch

 And the view from my window where the computer desk is..not too shabby hey?