Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Pages 2012

A mixture of journal and illustrative pages. Play and therapeutic. Some not finished, They are just sitting having a a breather.
Colouring in..Gesso underneath water colour crayons on top

Water colour crayons

acrylic and crayon

plan for a painting for a friend watercolour crayon

doodles ink and crayon


acrylic paint and crayon

acrylic and crayon

I drew this when I was working at Emergency Psychiatric Services earlier in the year. crayon brown paper off the newspaper that is delivered.

ink ad crayon little blue rabbit

Doodled in Church..My sister does the music and one of her compositions  elicited pictures in my mind of all these little critters lifting thier voices too.

Again E.P.S this was a painting by someone who was at Art School teaching when I was there Jim Cooper so I drew Jim.Crayon
My Dogs alter ego.He is a wheaten cairn terrier,but at night when he hunts Possums he is a fierce blue spotted creature with a purposeful tail..ha!
These few pages are a start in a faith Journal I am making as part of 6 degrees I posted some earlier background pages. These are some completed ones and the bottom one is still in process.

All Acrylic, collage, pencil and water-colour crayon.

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