Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cat/Monkey Love

I dropped into my friend Lynns http://lynn-taylor.blogspot.co.nz/ yesterday and told her what I was doing and she said she would love to make one. So today we sat in her living room and made two monkeys. Don't you just feel so pleased to friends like that in your life?
Every time I make these wee guys I get a thrill, I love them. Now Lynn is one of these super talented people who can turn her clever hands to anything. I so enjoyed her monkey 'becoming'. It is quirky and stripy and patched with attention to detail. Her cat (Beau) as you can see was taken with the monkeys and adopted my one I bought around to show and tell. So after that we set him up with our finished monkeys. I have to use the word 'adorable' which is not usually in my vocab, BUT if you were there you would agree. I just wanted to keep taking pictures. I was so pleased to complete this as I had committed and time was getting tight. My Monkey is in the style of my previous monkeys..thick socks a bit rough around the edges and a few crooked bits..I am fond of him already.

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  1. What a great, creative, joyful afternoon we had - this evening I started to make some monkey trousers, but guess what then I remembered monkey's have tails so that idea isn't going to fly. Putting in a button hole seemed way too hard. Bo is so in love with sock monkeys - your photos capture his happiness beautifully.