Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stitch therapy 6 degrees

For me the point of this workshop is to engage with cloth paint and stitch in a free way. And remember how good it is to use a needle and thread to create. Kelly suggests mixing it up a little if you feel like it..push through a few boundaries and use some mixed media, including found objects recycled etc.
Kelly Darke  http://kellydarke.com

I have started this workshop a few times and stopped. I have been completely over thinking it and missing the point really. I majored in textiles at Art school and went back back to a place of complex and conceptual..and ever so slightly result driven.So to break myself out of this and just appreciate the action of thread and needle, I chose a place of comfort.T he sock monkey. I made 10 of these last christmas for my family members during the last 6degrees but never made one for myself. So here the monkey is. And I love him. He is a solid comfort. I had fun with the stitch..tartan backside (my family tartan) and a shepards singlet which I wear all the time in my outdoor studio to keep warm. I have now started my other piece :-)
Beautiful face makes me smile each time I look at him

I am loving this part..I like the texture and stitch

 And the view from my window where the computer desk is..not too shabby hey?

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