Friday, October 12, 2012

Gluebook 6 degrees with Gretchen Miller

This was so absorbing. I had trouble in the beginning figuring out what I was going to do and how to get started. Collage is not natural for me, I paint and draw. So I just got cracking and kept going. Once I added old wallpaper from our house and some material off an old shirt of Garys I was away..such a good thing to do. It captured and contained for me some lovely moments of the last week. Ones that also had history attached. 
Gary is building me a deck for my studio. It is gorgeous but it also made me anxious for a lot of reasons. Primarily it is a tangible act of love from Gary and if I have to sell the house when he is gone I cant take it with me. So I made this wee book with pictures of him building it and love notes he wrote me that week.(a few random presents arrived from him also.They were thoughtful and had a settling effect.) 
Making this book has helped with my fear and anxiety around the issue of letting go. It was lovely at the end just being with the process and adding what else was needed.

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