Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Necessary things

This page is on blackboard paint and address fears with in myself of not being good enough. Good to put it on a blackboard as eariy conditioning is very persuasive. Blackboards can also be wiped clean.
collage glue watercolour pencils and paints and liquid pencil
These pages were one of those 'aha' moments which are so exciting when you journal.
The first page came from me ripping out a page that I didn't like..I disliked it so much I put black all over it so I could re-work it but still didn't like it, so tore it out. And then because I do believe that it is all part of us and process I decided to use part of it and try some collage. 
As I started ripping a picture formed of waves and sea, so I kept ripping and layering/playing and going with what the picture was telling me.( it pays not to over think, just pay attention and trust your instincts)
I saved some brighter green areas as they reminded me of mountains or hills.I laid them aside for later.
(as it happens they got laid on the next page and there they stayed and became part of the whole)
the bit I really like is when you are at the end of your picture and you ask yourself the question(or two) what is this? What have I done? and what words will I add?
And you realise that even though you didnt think you knew what you were doing your subconscious had it totally sorted.
The important thing is to allow the space to process.
In this one the waves that were overwhelming me became the mountains that rose above. All ripped from the same page. :-D
Before and after..the colouring in side of the journalling spectrum..Fun!
Collage and  glue..made sure it is sealed well as the paper will lift otherwise. Over the top paint and watercolour pencils, a paint pen and felts

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