Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Art Journalling Workshop - Tirohonga -

What my lovely group learnt was 'backgrounding' Creating pages for working on. How to use gesso and what it does to a page. Printing with leaves to create texture and interest and  some colour play.What I learnt was I didnt have to spoon feed and too much information really is too much information. 
The initial introduction and some ideas were enough. They were all creative people who bought their own knowledge to the table and started making and responding and continued with that exploration themselves.They worked very independently, It was fun.
What was also good was the idea sharing as everyone had different backgrounds and ideas and shared them, so I got to learn too. :-D

What I started was a new board book, mini sized to carry around with this year as I start my new adventure into Mental health Nursing. So far just started preparing the background. Words of inspiration and encouragement still to be added.:-D

the Cover is screen printing of a kowhai flower I did a few years back. Inside the book is Gesso with Matisse acrylic paint. Painted on leaves and pressed between pages.

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  1. Looks like a gorgeous session of creativity - I still cherish the pages we made together - some have been bound into little books but some I want to keep just to look at and remind me of the freedom and pleasure of drawing/painting. I like the sculptural element in your board book. Good on you for integrating all the different elements of you that makes you you. (Bit of word repetition there)