Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a butterfly and flamingo in my letter box

I arrived home today and found post! So exciting. A beautiful card from  Kushana Bush (more about her coming up on my other clever!) and this gorgeous wee butterfly with writing and poetry inside from Lynn the quickest draw in the south. 'That little lady sho can make'
I am particularly fond of flamingos at the moment. There are spoonbills feeding in the harbour at the bottom of our place, they are so interesting and are stopping traffic..never a safe thing really on our road. My son tells me they feed the same way as flamingos. Just don't change colour with the diet.


  1. Lol, stayed up to midnight cutting out butterflies - got very excited about them after the fun session with you yesterday.

  2. you are so funny! The wee cutter worked for you then?? I really like the musical butterfly and the Piano keys..its sharp..