Monday, February 6, 2012

For Anna

I got given this old book by my friend Mary and decided to seal the pages and turn it into a Journal. As I started gessing and sealing the pages, they started detaching from the sides and disintergrating slightly. I realised that the paper was quite fragile(very newsprinty).
I decided to split the spine and apply some serious glue down the spine and take my time with gessoing. I usually do multiple pages, but will need to be slower with this. In the end I used gesso mixed with a bit of modge podge (because that was what was open)..I decide it needed a bit more glue. I used the art spectrum Gesso as it was smoother and less grainy(it is lovely to work with) than the Fas (much cheaper and what I would normally use).

                                                       Sealants glues and gessoes

Wee bit more needed today but otherwise working..yaah.

 Pages sealed well..will take more paint and colour now..also nice and smooth won't chew through my pencils and pens

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