Friday, September 28, 2012

Faith Journal

This is a cheap watercolor pad I am turning into a journal. It was five dollars at Spotlight and seemed a good deal. 
Nice thick paper- (bluish tinge to it- which doesn't matter, if like me you are going to paint over it. It is sturdy although the top layer of the paper is a bit sensitive to water..hmm not really doing what it was designed for..but still ok. I am a bit rough. And as you see it has survived remarkably well under the pressure of repeated dye, ink and paint.
So for its price I would recommend it. It can be altered successfully. You do need to glue or tape the insides a bit. I am attempting to introduce a little more collage as I always draw. I have decided I needed to learn alternative methods of expression as not everyone is comfortable with drawing. 

Mindful Studio PracticeThis journal was sparked off by a group on 6degrees of Creativity,  'Mindful Studio practice.' By Hannah Klaus Hunter.
Creating a Mindful Studio Practice                             
Instructor: Hannah Klaus Hunter
Many of us long for regular studio time...but find our lives too frantic to create it. Words like compassion, kindness, gratitude and awe can sound theoretical at best. This workshop will focus on creating a daily art-making practice.
Through a combination of themes and prompts, we’ll embark on a 21-day commitment, cultivate a feeling of positive and playful engagement and create an art-making practice within the safe community of 6 Degrees of Creativity.

I have used it to pay attention and create each day to encourage a healthy habit. So far its working. 
I tend to journal in bursts. This practice has made me more consistent. 
I hold it in my head in a good way and am starting to pay more attention. It is having a spin off benefit as I am also reading more too in order to have something to bring to the page. 
It is a mixture of deliberation and intuition. I usually just ride the sub-conscious approach and do what the page tells me. So sticking to a theme is interesting and a challenge. 
I am beginning to see that faith runs through everything, which I knew but forgot. Does that make sense?.. its all starting to feel natural. 
All through doing this journal ( the 21 days Hannah talks about) and then writing about it..I am always amazed at what comes out of application. Julia Cameron would approve.

More in a few days.....

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