Sunday, September 9, 2012

Collage ideas from Kelly Kilmer

I havnt been very active on my blog lately and sometimes other people say it so much better. Kelly writes and communicates well. She has some great ideas for a different way on working that are very accessible.She has posted some simple information on working with a collage stash and links to how to start collecting and a description of her extensive journal bag:-)

Extract from Kelly's blog

Thoughts on Collage Work

I've often said that I don't just randomly glue stuff down solely for the sake of covering a page. I've been doing this long enough to have amassed a decent size collection of ephemera and stuff that's relevant to the way that I work. In other words, I know what colors, images, symbols, patterns, etc... that I am drawn to.

Usually I tell my students to start by collecting a small pile of background papers and a few focal images that appeal to them and to place in their pile whatever catches their eye. From that selection, you can start to create a page.

When I go to create a page, I don't worry that every piece of paper has a meaning. I've already established the importance of the paper (to me) by placing it in my stash and sorting it aside for using NOW. It's something that happens without me even being conscious of it.

As I start to select my papers to use to create a page, I tend not to worry about anything other thanchoosing what I like to reflect my current mood and what I might want the page to say. In other words, I start by picking what I like from my now stash..."

Check out this link and read on her how and what to collect links and her Journal bag Contents. Pretty awesome stash of tools

My first love is paint and drawing. Putting down a painted background and working into it with water colour crayons (carrran d'ache). So a foray into collage could be fun I think. I havnt been using too many words either and I think they can grow a piece. My pens are not the best for writing over paint. So I am thinking I may glue some paper down or leave some blank to write on..wee bubbles of air to capture my words. Looking forward to some play. 

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