Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas journal for me made by Lynn Taylor

I have been recording small moments in this beautiful wee journal that my friend made me for christmas. It is packed with all sorts of neat stuff that relates to me. I was so touched when I opened it. I cried, always a good response when someone puts that much care and effort into someone. I felt like I had been seen. I have been using it as space to record some of the ahas or just trying to notice something in my day. The yellow animal came from a shadow on the ground that I drew and coloured in.
Lavender from the garden and some writng from 2nd church that we had here. Daisy- our friendly duck and a prayer that someone gave me.


  1. Oh Kat, stunning work , I love how you are using it and hope to see it in real life soon. I will try and share this post onto my blog!

  2. Came to this via Lynn Taylor's facebook.
    "I felt like I had been seen"
    Love that. (Miss that)

  3. Kat this is so cool! You are very clever and such an inspiration!

    Love you

    Kath xx