Sunday, February 3, 2013

Creative writing Course

I participated in this course with Diane a few years ago when it was a year long Diploma through Aoraki. It was very worthwhile. I quit just before the end, due to health reasons and so missed the bit of paper that affirms this but felt very satisfied with all I learned.
Diane packs an encouraging amount of information and inspiration into her teaching.You wont regret enrolling.

Creative Writing Otago

Based in Dunedin, Creative Writing Otago offers a range of 
face-to-face  or online  creative writing courses designed for beginning and more advanced writers and covering Fiction, Writing Your Life, Poetry and Nonfiction. Award-winning poet, novelist and memoirist, Diane Brown is the designer and tutor for most of the courses.
Face to Face Casual Saturday Classes: Dunedin
·     Stimulating the MuseSaturday 23rd February 2013.·     Steering the Craft: Saturday 23rd March.·     Building Characters: Saturday 18th May.·     Who’s telling the Story: Saturday 15th June.·     Plot and Story: Saturday 3rd August. ·     Settings: Saturday 3 1st August.·     Looking For A Poem: Saturday 12th October.·     Best words, Best Order: Saturday 16th November.

Face to Face Classes: Dunedin
·     Developing your Manuscript 1: Fortnightly (8 session) workshop-based programme 10.30am-1 pm. Thursday 21st March 2013 till  4th July 2013·     Developing Your Manuscript 2: Fortnightly (8 session) workshop-based programme 10.30am-1 pm. Thursday 1st  August till 14th November.·     Writing Your Life: 8 week Monday 6th May 2013 and finishes 1st July 2013. 7 pm to 9pm.

Online Courses:
·     Finding Your Voice: 8 week online introductory course. Monday 25th February 2013.·     Tools for Storytelling 1: Meeting your Characters. 8 week online course follows on from Finding Your Voice but can also be undertaken by new students. Monday 13th May 2013·     Tools for Storytelling 2: Plot and Description. 8 week online course follows on from Meeting Your Characters but can also be undertaken by new students. Monday 29th July 2013 ·     Making Fine Poems: 8 week online course exploring the art and craft of writing poetry. Monday 7th October 2013 ·     Professional Writing Practice:  Online fortnightly (8 sessions) for advanced students. Tuesday 19th March 2013 ·     Professional Solutions and Publishing. Online fortnightly (8 sessions) follows on from Professional Writing Practice.Tuesday 30th July 2013.

Diane Brown

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